About Us

In 1978 we began assisting bankers attending the Annual Meetings of the:

  • IMF/WB
    International Monetary Fund / World Bank
  • IADB
    Inter-American Development Bank
  • ADB
    Asian Development Bank
    Latin American Bank Federation
  • After more than 30 years attending and participating in these events, we have built a close relationship with the institutions and the staff that organize each one of these events.
  • Bankers Meetings specializes in assisting private banks wherever these events take place.
  • We become completely familiar with each city with site inspections prior to the event, guaranteeing the best hotels for each client's needs and also providing onsite support during the event.


Our first and most important goal is to be your private assistant where the event takes place, guaranteeing our clients presence in the best hotels in town.

  • At least 5 site inspections to the city where the event will take place
  • Fluent communication with Hotels
  • Reliable transportation companies
  • Key information to make the most of the event: restaurants, local DMC, event's agenda, etc.
  • Relationship: We aim to build long-term relationships repeating our staff year after year.

We can't do your job but we can help make it easier

Hospitality Desk in the hotel's lobby during the event. Our assistants speak English, Portuguese and Spanish and take care of:

  • Transfers in/out
  • Check-in
  • Handle agendas and assist with Meeting Rooms set-up
  • Coordinate cars
  • Restaurants reservations
  • Confirm and/or change flights


We work with many of the most important financial institutions around the world during these four Annual Meetings. Our client breakdown is as follows:

  • 40%
  • 20%
  • 20%
  • 15%
  • 5%
    Central AMERICA


Past Events

  • IMF
  • IADB
  • ADB
  • 2019 - Washington DC.-
  • 2020 y 2021 Virtual Annual Meetings.
  • 2019 - Chengdu
  • 2020 - Virtual Annual Meetings
  • 2021 - Virtual Annual Meetings
  • 2019 - Fiji
  • 2020 - Virtual Annual Meetings
  • 2021 - Virtual Annual Meetings
  • 2019 - Miami
  • 2020 - Virtual Annual Meetings
  • 2021 - Miami


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